Massage Services

Table massage - A relaxing blend of Swedish, deep tissue, and acupressure techniques to target tension areas for a massage tailored specific to your needs. Use of warm towels on back, hands and feet are incorporated into the massage to encourage relaxation.  (see rates for other available add-ons)
$75 for 60 min                                                            
add $20 for every add'l 15 minutes                           

Thai Mat - A Thai style of massage performed on a floor mat while the recipient is dressed in comfortable clothes. The body is guided through a series of yoga poses mixed with various massage techniques delivered through the use of the practitioner's thumbs, hands, elbow, knees and feet.  The movements help stretch the muscles and facilitate energy to flow harmoniously throughout the body to enhance circulation, relieve muscle tension, restore energy and promote relaxation.

$90 for 60 min
 add $25 for every add'l 15 minutes

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