“I am a firm believer in the idea that the Lord provides us with just the right people at the exact time when we really need them.  If the story be told it might seem as though Debby randomly crossed my path; but I believe the meeting was much more providential.  I needed a teacher and Debby spoke truth into my life.  What a blessing that has been! 

Her keen mind and loving spirit work together brilliantly to heal and motivate her clients.  She recognizes the whole person and weaves together what she knows to resonate with a person on all levels – physical, mental, spiritual and emotional.  One day she will assist during a private yoga lesson so that you get a true sense of what the posture will be once you master it – and she leaves no doubt that you will master it.  Another day she will teach you to breathe, to be still, and to get in touch with your body – and you’ll learn just how much that body has to tell you. 

When she senses you are full of energy, she will challenge you to push to your real edge (not the one you think is there); but then, when you are drained from the excesses of the world, she will provide comfort and relaxation either through her massage techniques or by guiding you through the most delicious restorative yoga practice you’ve ever experienced.  Debby started out as my teacher, now, 1-1/2 years later, while I still have much to learn, she has become a trusted friend.  Evan S., 57”

"Her metta (loving kindness) is truly genuine and pure.
because of her metta is so sincere to each and every one of her clients...
her energy flows directly into recipient's heart and mind and effect deeply. 
she is one of the most sincere hardworking person I know
and the most sincere and generous giver
her touch is magical 
her devotion is unconditional 
her intelligence and clear insight is also her big aids.." - Jyothi Watanabe, Senior Lotus Palm Thai Yoga Teacher at Integral Yoga NYC

Working as a licensed health care professional for over 30 years, I have a strong interest in the concepts of promotion of health and prevention of illness. I have received private yoga instruction, thai yoga massage, massage and acupressure from Debby for many years. She has both the knowledge and experience to release tension, promote relaxation, facilate your body's innate healing response and enhance energy. She has a passion for her work and is able to incorporate acupressure into your individualized thai yoga and massage routine. Anna Griffin, RD, LDN

“I first met Debby about 3 or 4 years ago when she was teaching Advanced Yoga classes at the YMCA. However, it was not until mid-2011 or so that I learned she also provided table massages and Thai yoga massage. I have been using Debby for body work ever since and consider it my good fortune that she lives reasonably close by. Debby is a true expert with respect to the body and its mechanics, including studying the meridians and how they impact health. She is consistently dependable and thorough, and after a few months with her, you feel years younger. 

Dale Rayman, Actuary, Age 54”


"I've been a yoga student of Debby's for five + years, and have had several sessions of her Thai massage. During this time, my lower back problems have gradually disappeared, through her teaching of mindful form and building strength, and it's made a huge difference in my practice and everything else I do. She's constantly studying for new certifications and dedicated to giving her students and clients her absolute best. I feel privileged to be her student." - Judy Stead, Published Illustrator & Artist

"Debby is an exceptional yoga teacher and massage therapist.  She is very thorough and knows her job well.  I especially love her assists during yoga.  With her help, I've been able to take my practice further and have become more flexible.  I really enjoy her massages as well.  She is very efficient and does exactly what you want.  I always feel amazing after.   Debby has a great personality and is a fun teacher.  She is great because she knows what her students are capable of and encourages them to challenge themselves and take it to the next level. Most importantly, she is a good person.  I look forward to many more yoga classes and massages with her!". 
Teresa Swisher 43

"Debby's yoga classes are excellent.  She breaks down poses into easy to understand steps and works hard to prevent injury.  I love her classes because it makes my back feel better!"
-Wendy, 43