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Massage Add-ons

Add Ons available to table massage
Aromatherapy – a customizing complex of aromatic oil added to smooth massage shea butter will replenish moisture and soften skin leaving you balanced and renewed. Shea butter with aromatic essential oil $6

Choose from these aromas: 
Aromatic blends -
Pomegranate & Cranberry- extracts combined with almond, wild cherry bark, and laquat.
Green Tea & Lime Leaf- extracts combined with ginger, lemongrass and fo-ti root.
Lavender & Calendula- extracts combined with hops, evening primrose, and blue malva.
Milk & Honey- extracts combined clover blossom and royal jelly.

Therapeutic blends -
Uplifting- wake up your senses with a citrus grove of grapefruit, lemongrass and orange extracts combined with bergamot, verbena and rosewood.
Balance and center yourself with the essence of nature. Jaborandi, horsechesnut, paraquay tea, ginseng, tangerine peel, ivy, black walnut, rosewood and clary sage are the ingredients in this firming complex.

Hot Stones - Basalt stones are natural stones harvested from nature. It is believed by native American Indians that these stones hold earth’s healing energy. Heated basalt stones are guided during the massage to help in relaxing tension in muscle fibers. Some stones may be left on strategic areas of the body to promote relaxation and encourage energy to flow through the meridians of the body.
Hot Stones $25

Hands and Feet Sugar scrub - jojoba, olive and safflower oil are combined with sugar to scrub away impurities and dead skin cells. Refresh, revive and reveal a healthy glow to the skin. Add on sugar scrub to any table massage:
Both Hands & Feet $ 15 

Polish or Mud or Masque- 
Back $20   

(see body treatment for product detail) 
Body polish/mud/masque (for back only) $20