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Full Body Treatments

Cash, check or credit card accepted at time of service
If paying by check, make check payable to Debby Stanley
Or pay in advance using credit card on Pay Pal
Spa Packages - (includes massage and aromatic warm balm)
Essential - full body polish 60 min $125
Deluxe - full body polish, hands & feet sugar scrub. 75 min $150
Premiere* - full body polish, masque or mud 90 min $175
Ultimate* - full body polish, masque or mud, feet treat with sugar scrub 105 min $200

Choose from these mud formulas:
European Rose - nourish, moisturize, heal, replenish with rose clay from the Provence region of France. The skin benefits from the reviving benefits of wheat amino acid, apricot amino acid, lactic acid, and rosa centifolia along with the moisturizing attributes of jojoba, avocado, peach and sunflower oils. Ideal for relaxation and skin beautification.

Firma Sea - firm, stimulate, smooth, replenish with this mud full of active seaweeds and marine extracts of fuscus vesiculosis, laminaria digitata, spirulina, sea rocket and sea fennel. Amino acids and trace elements are included in this formula to help rehydrate and repair skin, increase circulation and refine skin texture. Jojoba, avocado, peach and sunflower oils are also in this formula to replenish dry or damaged skin.

Black Baltic - cleanse, detoxify, balance, moisturize with this mud rich in natural minerals, humic acid, and organic and plant material. The main ingredient is the Black Fresh Water Silts which assists in absorbing impurities, removing toxins, maintaining healthy metabolism and elevating moisture of the skin. This luxurious mud also contains jojoba, avocado, peach and sunflower oils.

Dead Sea - this mud are blended with extracts of marigold, chamomile, lime tree, cornflower and St. Johns’ Wort which are rich in desensitizing, anti-inflammatory, natural healing properties. Soybean, avocado and canola oils are in this blend to provide a smooth, moisturizing application.

Choose from these masque formulas:
Garden mint algae - a perfect blend of ivy, wood mallow, cucumber, elder and arnica extracts are combined with garden mint, essential oil and are infused into a glycerin, kelp and marine algae to deliver a highly-potent herbal and deep sea formulation to effectively heal and detoxify the skin to restore skin back to its natural supple state.

Sedona & French Red Clay w/ geranium sage - an anti-oxidant and anti-aging formulation of vitamin E, grape seed, sage, rose hips, bladderwrack, irish moss, borage extracts which are blended with Egyptian geranium, Spanish sage and infused with magnesium, vitamin A,B,B12, E, Iron and amino-acids.

Chamomile & marine algae - French lavender essential oil and German Chamomile, marigold, lime tree and cornflower extracts are infused into a marine algae, kelp and a glycerin base that is designed to soothe and heal dehydrated skin restoring vitality to the skin.

Seaweed & French Green Clay w/green tea - a stimulating and detoxifying formula of French Green Clay and marine clays infused with amino acids, vitamin E, green tea, grapefruit, kelp, glycerin, soybean oil and garden mint oil.