Restorative Yoga Workshop


COURSE OBJECTIVES: This workshop is for yoga instructors who want to offer restorative yoga in a group and private yoga setting.

  • You will learn difference between restorative yoga and yin yoga and the history of these modalities. 
  • You will become familiar with using various props such as bolsters, blocks, straps, sand bags and yoga blankets to assist your students safely into restorative postures.
  • You will learn how to assess your client’s body so you can customize and tailor the use of props.
  • We will learn about the difference and adjustments you need to make for teaching restorative yoga for a group class versus one or two students in a private session.
  • You will learn how and when to assist your student in restorative postures.
  • This workshop is interactive as you will be both student and teacher. Playing the role of the student, you will be practicing the restorative poses to get a sense of what the poses feel like. Playing the role of the teacher, you will administer the poses and will be guiding and assisting your student into the restorative postures.
  • You will learn how to guide your client into relaxation, using various verbal techniques such as 61 points Yoga nidra, visual imagery, pranayama, etc.
Suggested reading:
Relax and Renew: Restful Yoga for Stressful Times by Judith Hanson Lasater

           3 HOUR WORKSHOP

            Cost $65

What to bring to the workshop:

  1. Yoga mat 
  2. Bolster
  3. 2 Yoga blankets
  4. Pen & paper to take notes

Props are available for purchase before and after workshop