Per session price: 

vOne 20 or 10 min session full or half- $25/$15

vOne 30 or 15 min session full or half- $35/$20

Choose either 30 min or 20 min session based on protocol or condition. 

Then choose full or half duration.

Multiple session deal:


  vBuy 6 get one free

30 min session- for conditions such as circulation (blood pressure, heart), muscular back pain, ailment relief (sinus infection, sore throat, chest congestion, plantar warts), arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, headache, energy booster brain & spine.

20 min session- for conditions such as soft tissue repair (wound healing, torn hamstrings), spine & back, inflammation, chronic conditions, diabetic neuropathy & circulatory, dense tissue (tendons & ligaments) repair, pain control, chronic conditions pain combination (rheumatoid arthritis), acne/complexion, scarring, wrinkles, surface bruising & swelling, strains & sprains, bone& joint issues, deep bruising muscle or bones, pain control, tendonitis, shin splints, tennis elbow.

Application- pads are placed on areas of the body to be treated such as ankle for sprained ankle. 

Frequency- every day or every other day as needed for acute injury to promote quicker healing time. Two or three times a week for chronic condition to promote cell regeneration. Once a week or month for maintenance.

Duration- Full or short- two time settings, short setting is half the duration of full.