Anatomy Behind The Movement Workshop Series


I am offering these workshops to teach yoga instructors anatomy and how to use knowledge of anatomy to improve teaching yoga group classes or private yoga. Having knowledge of anatomy is essential if you are a movement specialist. I’ve developed three parts in this series based on what I find to be most useful from my own teaching experience and from my own training journey over the past decade.

Training for me began with a 200 hour and then a 500 hour yoga teacher training, then and eventually massage school. Although this earlier training gave me a baseline of very basic knowledge of anatomy, a more in-depth knowledge came from becoming certified in Active Release Techniques® (full body and complex protocol) and taking the Anatomy Trains ® functional movement course which eventually led me to become a certified Anatomy Trains (r) Structural Integrator. Initially my pursuit of an in-depth understanding of the human body was to augment the courses I teach called Thai Yoga Massage with Acupoints; however, knowledge of anatomy also served to greatly enhance my therapeutic massage practice as well as my private yoga practice. I have experienced an increase in client referrals for my massage business and private yoga. In fact, I would attribute the increase in attendance of my group yoga classes to being able to share my knowledge of anatomy with students and guide them safely through their practice.

The courses can be taken in any order; however, I would recommend taking the spine & neck & torso course first to get an overview of full-body movement as well as to help you develop good yoga sequence based on a foundational understanding of anatomy.

Each course is 4 hours in duration split into 2 non-contact hours and 2 contact hours. In the non-contact hours, there will be lecture using visual aids and Q&A. The two contact hours reinforce your anatomy knowledge through guided interactive exercises. The courses are offered throughout the year for your convenience. If you’re like me, you are busy and have classes to teach and other obligations. So, I have spread the classes out so you can fit them into your schedule and to prevent you from having to take 2-3 days off in a row which could be stressful to you.

Anatomy Behind the Movement Series

Choose a course to learn more about it:

Spine & Neck & Torso 

In this course, you will focus on the spine and surrounding structures with an overview of anatomy behind the movement.

Shoulders & Arms 

We will delve deeply into the structures (bones, muscles, joints) of the shoulders and arms.

Hips & Legs

We will delve deeply into the structures (bones, muscles, joints) of the hips and legs.

You will receive a certificate of completion for 4 hours of CEUs if you are a registered Yoga Alliance yoga teacher or licensed massage therapist.